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"SUGAR" Film, 2005

Reynold Reynolds/Patrick Jolley/Samara Golden
16mm/Super8, 2005.
82 minute film, and 72 minute single channel video installation.
Music by J.G. Thirlwell. Sound Design by Bruce Odland.

2007 Déjà Vu. Festival Bologna.
2006 Mar del Plata Independent Film Festival. Argentina.
2006 Lisbon Film Festival
2006 Dublin Film Festival.
2005 Gijon Film festival
2005 Edinburgh Film Festival.
2005 Split Film Festival
2005 Maryland Film Festival
2005 New York Underground Film festival
2005 Ann Arbor Film Festival
2005 Sundance International Film festival

2005 Sugar. Roebling Hall Gallery, New York
2005 Sugar. Alexandra Saheb. Berlin.

New York Times. Ken Johnson. 2005
Film Ireland. Maximilian Le Cain 2006
Variety Magazine. Robert Koehler. 2005

A woman comes out of a refrigerator, crawls across the floor, opens the heating vent and exhumes a corpse - her own. From this crisis point, Sugar tracks a journey into the vertiginous realms of the mind. Dissolving the parameters between reality and psychosis, dream and delusion.

Video still
Video still